Milky Way Chocolate Australia

 Now here is a classic chocolate and fluffy nougat favourite that’s has been distributed and consumed joyfully around the world for almost a century. Can you believe it? That’s not to say that the Milky Way hasn’t ruffled some feathers in its many decades in the public spotlight. For example, not everyone liked it when the Milky Way was marketed as the “sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite” in the nineties. Some people thought we shouldn’t be encouraging people to eat chocolate between meals. But this is the noughties and we’ve all lightened up a bit. And so has the Milky Way – it only contains 114 calories nowadays, which makes it a smart and delicious snacking choice when compared with its much more saturated chocolate bar counterparts.

Speaking of light, here’s an interesting bit of trivia about the Milky Way. The nougat centre is so light, it actually floats in milk. Give it a try at home and see for yourself. Mr. Frank C. Mars was inspired by a malted milkshake when he created this fluffy, creamy treat in the 1920’s, and it didn’t take the world long to catch on. The wholesale distributor and purveyor of fine chocolate products, Mars Australia, is the brains behind Milky Way distribution in the Land Down Under, and Candy Bar Sydney is on board with Mars. Our direct working relationship with this mega wholesaler means that we can organise wholesale distribution of Milky Way and other Mars products at pleasingly low prices for your retail stores.

Get your shelves and displays packed to the brim with wholesale quantities of Milky Way and other Mars classic chocolates. Their timeless appeal is hard to ignore – chat to Candy Bar Sydney to find out more about distribution.