P.K. Chewing Gum Australia

There’s nothing quite as sweet as an unsolved mystery in the candy industry. They don’t come about very often, but this one piqued our curiosity. What exactly does P.K. stand for?

There are two schools of thought within the Wrigley family. One suggests that P.K. is an abbreviation of a popular slogan developed by packaging regulators: “Packed tight, kept right.” Others believe that P.K. chewing gum was a tribute to Philip Knight Wrigley, the confectionery wholesaler’s CEO from 1925 until 1961. Since Philip (known to his friends as P.K.) was indeed the CEO at the time of launching P.K., this seems plausible. But the true answer remains a mystery!

Here are some things we definitely DO know about Wrigley P.K. chewing gum. P.K. captured our hearts in 1929 with its revolutionary pellet form and unique sweet flavour. The traditional golden peppermint P.K. was complemented by a blue liquorice variety that took the Aussie market by storm in the 1980’s. Today P.K. is still going strong and is now distributed to many countries around the world. The message hasn’t changed, either – P.K. tastes great and freshens your breath on the go.

With the jaunty P.K. jingles of the twentieth century still ringing in our ears, Candy Bar Sydney now works hand in hand with Wrigley to distribute P.K. and other Wrigley lollies, candies, chewing gums and mints to stores and outlets across Australia. Our direct working relationship with this mega wholesale distributor means that you get your P.K. in the quantities that you need for excellent prices. Talk to Candy Bar Sydney to find out more about P.K. chewing gum wholesale distribution.