Pascall Marshmallows and Lollies Wholesale

Some might say there’s no love lost when it comes to relations between Australia and New Zealand, but we here at Candy Bar Sydney beg to differ. Sure, there’s your usual good-natured sporting brawl or maybe an affectionate dig about an accent here and there, but really, there’s a lot to love about Kiwiland. The Kiwi itself, for example: a noble creature. The New Zealand folk – they’re always polite, good-natured and full of humour. There are the viral internet video clip classics like “I’m beached as, bro“ and “Always blow on the pie.“ And then there’s Pascall.

You’ll have heard of Pascall – this wholesale chocolate and lolly company has been churning out unique Kiwi classics since 1932. Possibly the most famous (and revolutionary!) stroke of sweet genius to be produced by this exceptional confectionery wholesaler is the Pineapple Lump. You’ve got chocolate and you’ve got pineapple – two delectable flavours that clearly belong together. Yet only Pascall has really managed to make it fly. Speaking of flying, Pascall is also responsible for Jet Planes – fruity, chewy, sleek, colourful, and surprisingly fast when one goes whizzing past your head. Other national Kiwi treasures from Pascall include Milk Bottles, Fruit Burst, Eclairs and Eskimos.

“So how do I get my Pascall fix?”, we hear you ask. “How can I get loads of those chocolate-coated, golden pineapple-filled Kiwi treasures into my hot little hands?” That’s where Candy Bar Sydney steps in. We’ve got a great direct working relationship with the wholesale chocolate and lolly company Pascall, and we’re delighted to bring you wholesale confectionery straight from New Zealand at surprisingly low prices. If you’re desperate for a shipload of classic Pascall Éclairs or you need Fruit Jubes in bulk, stat, look no further.