Pods Chocolate Australia

Just as real artistic genius isn’t just about colour, real chocolate genius isn’t just about taste. Oh no. There’s a whole world of texture out there on the candy scene in Australia to explore, exploit and distribute. There’s colour, size, form and texture, just to name a few. When it comes to chocolate genius, Pods are the real deal. Here’s why.

Candy Bar Sydney’s confectionery analysis will begin with form and size. The intriguingly curvy shell-like base is sleek and modern, just the right size for tossing casually into one’s mouth. Then you discover the joy of cramming four or five in there all at once, without any prompting. Bonus layers of genius, right there. And now to the colour – the soothing tan of the wafer biscuit, the rich, even brown of the chocolate coating and the vivid burnt orange of the Mars caramel centre. Outstanding.

But if that wasn’t enough to set off your genius radar, let’s take a turn towards the textural nuances of the Pod. The shell is crispy, crunchy, even. The even distribution of the chocolate coating is smooth, creamy and soothing. The caramel centre is surprisingly chewy. All within one bite you are commanded to crunch and chew by a force you can’t comprehend. Extraordinary.

You’re probably wondering how to organise wholesale distribution of Pods to your stores and outlets at once. Luckily, Candy Bar Sydney has a direct working relationship with the mega confectionery wholesaler, Mars Australia. Our relationship with Mars means we can act as a distributor of wholesale Mars products for extremely low prices. Get in touch to find out more.