Premier Custom Printed Balloons Wholesale

When it comes to events, promotions and giveaways, there’s nothing quite as inviting as a custom-printed balloon or ten thousand of them. Small children immediately flip out at the sight of a balloon and grateful parents clasp them with glee, thankful for more than a few minutes of easy child entertainment. It’s a cheap and joyful way to get a company logo, a team name or a pertinent political message flying around the place in great, big, colourful wholesale quantities.

Custom printed balloons aren’t just for events – they can be delightfully useful in retail formats. If there’s a message, concept, photo or picture that’s going to sell like hotcakes in your retail store, florist or newsagency, you can get thousands of wholesale balloons printed and get the distribution rolling as rapidly as possible.

Thank goodness for Premier Custom Printed Balloons – a wholesale balloon distribution company managed by Five Star Party Co. Premier Balloons is responsible for the distribution of ... you guessed it ... premier custom printed balloons in Australia. You add the artwork and they take care of the rest.

Candy Bar Sydney delighted to be working directly with Premier Custom Printed Balloons and Five Star Party Co., which means you get access to wholesale quantities of custom printed balloons and accessories, distributed in record times to your retail stores. The products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, made of pure latex. The range of colours and shapes available is impressive, and the possibilities for events and retail are truly limitless.