Allen's Mixed Jelly Beans 1kg

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Allens Lollies - Australian lollies

Allens lollies needs no introduction: as far as top quality Australian lollies go, Allens lollies is a household name.

Have it all with these great-tasting and fresh jelly beans in a variety of tempting flavours.
Colour: Multicoloured
Flavour: Mixed
Size: 1kg

We ladies want it all. A great man to stand beside us, a fulfilling career or the choice to stay at home, and the chance to follow our passions. We also wish for less attainable situations, like being able to eat all the chocolate cake in the world and still fit into that sexy size six dress. Or maybe being able to spend quality time with the kids while still carving our time for a luxurious bubble bath. A girl can dream! Thankfully, Allen’s Mixed Jelly Beans make it a bit easier to have it all. These chewy and fresh treats are packed with all of your favourite jelly bean flavours from vanilla and strawberry to orange and blueberry. Don’t just settle for one flavor – try them all and indulge in new flavor combinations. Plus, Allen’s products are always affordable so you can indulge without breaking the bank. Who says that you can’t have it all?


Cane sugar, glucose syrup, (wheat or corn), thickener (dextrin roasted starch, acid treated starch or starch acetate) (wheat), invert syrup, colours (plant extract [spirulina], carotene, carminic acid, vegetable carbon, copper chlorophyllin, turmeric), flavours, gum acacia, food acid (citric)

Specifications for Allen's Mixed Jelly Beans 1kg

Size 1kg Bag or Bulk Box 6 Units
Colour Multi Coloured
Country of Origin Australia

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