Allen's Ripe Raspberries 1.3kg

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Allens Lollies - Australian lollies

Created by Mr. Alfred Allen in Melbourne at the beginning of the 20th century, Allens lollies exploded in popularity, and became a public confectionery company in 1922. Now owned by Nestle, Allens lollies dominate dessert tables and candy buffet tables nation-wide.
At our Sydney candy store, we specialise in bulk confectionery and wholesale lollies. You can find the full range of Allens bulk lollies packs, including your old school favourites like Allens milk bottles and Allens Killer Pythons. Do you remember Allens Pineapples, Allens Red Frogs, Allens Chicos, Allens Raspberries, Allens Racing Cars, the classic Allens Snakes Alive? Then there was Allens Freckles, tasty Cobbers, and plenty more. Oh yeah, Allens Fantales too.
We're proud to stock this legendary Aussie company and to be one of Australia's biggest suppliers of the bulk Allens lollies range.

Allen's Ripe Raspberries are our kind of fruit- the lolly kind! These soft and luscious raspberries are as tasty as can be - Eat these bite-sized mini treats before they disappear! Creating gingerbread houses, having a candy buffet, or simply want to have a lolly to snack on, Allen's Ripe Raspberries are sure to please.
Colour: Red
Flavour: Raspberry
Size: 1.3kg

Made in Australia

Allen's Lollies are made in Australia,

Allen's Lollies in Bulk

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Nut Free

Allen's Raspberries lollies are nut free.

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Allen's Raspberries - The Tastiest Berry

Add a serving of fruit to your candy buffet. Ok, we are not exactly sure if the Department of Health regards these as a fruit serving.

Your doctor might not either, but we sure do. So, have an extra handful. Get in two fruit servings.

Two sugary, sweet fruit servings. And you never have to worry about the ripeness of these chewy lollies

Allen's Lollies - Delicious Candy Bar Lollies

Your candy buffet could be fruit themed. Throw them in one of our candy jars on your candy buffet and set them out next to Mini Blue Jelly beans, Allen’s Candy Bananas, and Sour Peach Rings by Trolli and your candy buffet is a virtual fruit stand. 

Or mix all your fruity candies into our square glass bowl and make a fruit salad. Go ahead. Get edgy. Give them fruit on your candy buffet. Put out Allen’s Ripe Raspberries. And give them the best kind of fruit option: the candy kind.

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Allen's Lollies Australia

Creating delicious Australian candy for generations, Allen's have become a household name. Allen's Candy Bananas, Allen's Snakes Alive, Allen's Chocolate Freckles - You name it, we have it. 

If you're looking for great quality confectionery for your next candy buffet, Allen's will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

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Allen's Lollies in Bulk

Have a corporate event you need to cater for? Your co-workers simply love a few Allen's lollies to snack on throughout the day? A bulk box of Allen's Raspberries might be just right for you. 

Each bulk box comes with 6 bags of Allen's Raspberries, giving you over 7kg of fruity goodness. 

As an official Distributor for Nestle Lollies, we can ensure you pay great prices on bulk Allen's Lollies. What are you waiting for? Dig in!


Glucose Syrup (Wheat Or Corn), Cane Sugar, Thickener (Dextrin Roasted Starch, Acid Treated Starch Or Starch Acetate)(Wheat), Gelatine, Food Acid (Citric), Colour (Carminic Acid), Flavour. Contains Wheat. May Contain Milk.


Wheat, Milk


Servings per pack: 65

Serving size: 20g (Approx  pieces)

Specifications for Allen's Ripe Raspberries 1.3kg

Size 1.3kg Bag or Bulk Box 6 Units
Colour Red
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Raspberry
Country of Origin Australia

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