Assorted Sour Warheads 240 pack

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Warheads - Sour Candy

Little Wally Warheads has a lot to answer for. Thanks to him, generations of Aussie children go crazy for sour lollies - the sourer the better! The best bit is seeing someone's reaction to their very first sour candy experience. Waggling eyebrows, puckered lips and watering eyes are all signs of success. Warheads Sour Candy is well aware of the effect that their mascot Wally and their insanely sour lollies has had on Australian schoolyard culture. They've even graded their sour candy for really hardcore aficionados: there's Sour, Super Sour and Extreme Sour. The traditional fare is the Warheads sour hard candy - the stuff that started it all. But that's not where the fun ends - there are also sour jelly beans and sour candy spray. Yes, that's right. You can even spray this sweet and sour fruit-flavoured sensation directly and liberally into your mouth. Now, that's dedication.

Remember Warheads? These action-packed sour candy heroes never actually went out of fashion. Buy them in bulk at our lolly warehouse.
Flavour: Assorted Sour Flavours
Quantity: 240 Warhead Lollies
Size: 1kg tub

Specifications for Assorted Sour Warheads 240 pack

Size 1 Box or Bulk Box 6 Units
Colour Multi Coloured
Brand Warheads - Sour Candy
Flavour Sour

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