Baby Pink & White Swirl Heart Lollipop

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Candy Bar Sydney

Candy Bar Sydney is a fantastic crew that works tirelessly to ensure that your events are a success. Candy Bar Sydney is all about throwing a wild party!

This is the only prop you'll need to bring your fantasy candy land to life.
Colour: Baby Pink and white
Flavour: Strawberry
Weight: 50g
*These lollipops are hand made and have slight variations

Picture yourself in a magical candy wonderland, Katy Perry style. Whether or not Snoop Dogg joins you in candyland is a matter of personal choice. Look around. The clouds are made of baby pink fairy floss by the King himself. The Allen's snakes slither past. Beautiful Sydney girls tumble and turn in pink shimmer gumball bubbles. Chocolate hearts line the path, there's ice-cream galore, and the gummi bears make sure that everyone gets a waffle cone. And where you are in this delightful scene? Why, you're the centre of attention, of course, licking a Baby Pink & White Swirl Heart Lollipop and looking up from below your long lashes. Because no candyland is complete without a beautiful girl licking a Baby Pink & White Swirl Heart Lollipop - it's sweetness, light, and strawberry deliciousness all in one.

Specifications for Baby Pink & White Swirl Heart Lollipop

Colour Pink
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Event / Occasion Valentines Day
Flavour Strawberry
Size 50g Lollipop

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