A penchant for dark chocolate is a sign of good taste. And the soul who washes down a piece of dark chocolate with a glass of red wine is about as classy as they come. So is dark chocolate something you binge on? Or is it more something you sample delicately as you comment blithely on the percentage of cacao and the complementary nature of your wine? Well, in this respect, people who exclusively eat dark chocolate can be a little annoying. I mean seriously, who can really eat just one piece of dark chocolate and not touch the rest? Come on, that's just ridiculous. So the dark chocolate selection at our Sydney candy shop caters for both extremes - the persnickety purchaser who is satisfied after one piece (oh please!), and the scoffer who downs this dolce dark delicacy in alarming quantities.

Domori Treasure Chest

179.95 179.95000000000002 AUD

Domori San Josè Collection

174.95 174.95000000000002 AUD

Domori Collezione N. 6

144.95 144.95000000000002 AUD

Domori Rhum Cuneesi 2.5kg

149.95 149.95000000000002 AUD