The treasured Easter egg hunt is possibly the funnest and most rewarding tradition in the history of traditions! It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 88, there's nothing like the thrill of racing around the garden or house and greedily filling your Easter lolly bag with chocolate Easter eggs in all shapes and sizes. You find the loot, you snap your head around possessively to make sure no-one else is on your trail, you laugh triumphantly and then it's off to find the next one - no time for gloating. If you're in charge of organising this special event, you'll be pleased to know we have all manner of colourful chocolate treats to stash in unexpected places. But not only that, we've got bright and colourful Easter eggs, perfect for stashing, and banners to make the garden look terrific. Don't forget to set aside a secret Easter treat box for yourself for later!