Halloween parties are supposed to be super scary, but sometimes you have to balance out the weird with something wonderful, just to keep things in check. Or to lull your guests into a false sense of security.. That’s why we've included a serene and floaty range of Halloween-themed pom poms, paper fans and puffs in our collection, in ’orrifying orange, ghastly green and beastly black. These are the fluffy and slow-moving kind of party decorations that waft gently above the chaos that reigns below. Look up at these beautiful balls of calm floating in the air and reassure yourself that it’s all going to be OK after all. The perfect trap for the moment before a zombie lurches out from a trapdoor with a harrowing scream and you whip out the super-creepy Halloween feel box for the kids with its cold spaghetti for intestines and peeled grapes for eyeballs.