Valentine's Day is all about falling in love. Whether or not you've a significant other to moon over, we've got plenty of beautiful things in our Sydney lolly warehouse and we can be fairly sure you're about to fall in love with all of them. When it comes to themed party supplies, we want to hear you cooing and clucking over plates and cups, cutlery and napkins with the same enthusiasm with which you'd coo and cluck over a newborn baby. We want you to murmur sweet nothings to your snack plates and dessert bowls. The loved-up sounds you utter as your Valentine gives you something sweet and thoughtful? We want to hear you making those sounds as you browse through our collection. We're confident you will, with our huge range of of cups, plates, bowls and cutlery in super sweet patterns and shades like magenta, pink and gold, apple red and "radiant heart".

Die Cut Heart Plates 8 pack

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Love Cupcake Kit

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