Milk Compound Choc Chips 10kg
46.95 46.95 46.95 AUD
Dark Compound Choc Chips 15kg
79.95 79.95 79.95 AUD
Milk Compound Choc Chips 15KG
84.95 84.95 84.95 AUD
Sweet William Compound Mylk Baking Choc Chips 150g
2.95 2.95 2.95 AUD
Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Compound Chips, packed with real chocolate flavour. Sweet William Chocolate is Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free & Vegan, making it a great chocolate for everybody to enjoy. Use these tasty cooking chips for your baking creations, especially muffins and cakes.

Raw Cane Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Soy Flour, Cocoa Powder (8%), Emulsifiers (Sunflower Lecithin, E476), Natural Vanilla Flavour
Vegan Certified
Sweet William Compound White Chocolate Chips 12.5kg
159.95 159.95 159.95000000000002 AUD
White chocolate lovers rejoice - we've got the dairy-free option for you too! Sweet William chocolate is dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and vegan - but it's so smooth, creamy and tasty you could be fooled into thinking otherwise. Nibble on the block or chop up into some decadent choc chunk cookies or brownies.
Vegan Certified
Sweet William Compound Mylk Chocolate Chips 12.5kg
154.95 154.95 154.95000000000002 AUD
Our tasty little cooking chips are the perfect addition to help you get your bake on - ‘free-from’! Ideal for choc chip cookies and muffins.
Vegan Certified
Cadbury Starlight 5% Compound Milk Chocolate Gems
99.95 99.95 99.95 AUD
Add the flavoursome Cadbury Milk Chocolate taste to your desserts. These Starlight Gems are smaller than buttons which make them perfect for baking, melting into recipes, decoration and ice-creams.

Melt at approximately 45 Degrees
Contains 5% Cocoa