You'll be speechless when confronted with the enormous range of bubble gum at our candy store. Well and truly gobsmacked. Sure, you'll try to say something appropriate, but the words you're trying to articulate will get caught in your throat. You'll stand there, feeling a bit like an idiot, jaw dropped to the floor with astonishment and eyes wide open with glee. Of course, your silent demeanour could also have something to do with the fact that your mouth is otherwise occupied. It's hosting the chewiest, stretchiest, sweetest and coolest bubble gum varieties from our lolly warehouse. They were living happily among our bulk lollies but it didn't take long to find their way onto your tongue. Purple, red, blue and green gum. Grape Tape, Zombie Balls, Alien Eggs, just to name a few. For the dental hygiene enthusiasts among you we stock sugarfree chewing gum varieties as well.