Our gummi lollies are more than just products on our shelves. They're sort of ... well... (this is a bit embarrassing) .. they've become our friends. I mean, look at them. Crazy critters in all shapes and sizes, colours and flavours. We greet the little gummi bears in their various fruit flavours cheerfully on our way through the lolly warehouse and they always wave back. We'll salute the gummi military heroes and give the gummi sharks a quick (but careful) pat. And.. now please don't judge... as we're packing up for the day, we might have a quick game of hide and seek with the yellow lemon Pufflettes. Gosh darnit, they're just so playful! Yeah, I guess you could say the gummi lollies, sweet or sour, jelly-filled or wrapped, they're a part of the warehouse now. They make working at a candy store even more fun than it already was.

Yupi Gummi Baby Bears 10g

8.95 8.950000000000001 AUD

Pascall Party Pack 180g

2.95 0.89 0.89 AUD