Joni Mitchell really knew how to look at clouds. She inspected them calmly and saw all their quirks, colours, tears and fears. She described them as angel hair, ice cream castles and feather canyons. Then, just moments later, she sings sadly of how they just rain and storm on everyone. What beautiful, complex descriptions. But we bet Joni hasn't seen Clouds and Storms the way we see them at this Sydney lolly warehouse. When we look at clouds, we see strawberries and cream. We also see blackcurrant, purple grape, pink peach and radical multicolour. Around these parts, clouds are sweet, sour, sensational and sentimental, all at once. If you want a fresh new perspective on clouds and storms, buy some bulk lollies from us and contemplate love as you munch on one after the other, letting the sour and sugar contrasts dance a complex tango on your tongue.