Licorice is not necessarily the obvious sweet treat of choice for your average candy consumer. It's more of a subtle, spicy and textural pleasure for lolly lovers with a distinct acquire taste. Liquorice is mature, sensual and quite unforgettable, but not for everyone. Luckily, Australia is a country that tends to breed licorice lovers, and thank goodness for that, because our assortment of licorice treats is second to none. Candy Bar Sydney sources the finest, softest, chewiest, most flavoursome licorice varieties. We've got big names (think Allen's and Darrell Lea) and boutique specialties. We've got bullets and bites, beans, bars and balls. In fact, you can have your licorice just about any way you want it: red, black, covered in chocolate, pint sized, mega sized, striped, twisted, double coated, or cat-shaped. (Yes, we have licorice cats).

Raspberry Choo Choo Bars 50 pack

17.65 17.650000000000002 AUD

Licorice Choo Choo Bars 50 pack

17.65 17.650000000000002 AUD

Black Cats 1kg

9.95 9.950000000000001 AUD