Bulk Lollipops: Luscious Sweet Treats for Lively Parties

Happiness is a giant lollipop and all the time in the world to savour it. The Chordettes knew it and Christina Aguilera could only agree. Lollipops have been around for hundreds of years and have charmed their way into children’s hearts with their cheery swirls and vibrant flavours. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a patient soul who licks to your heart’s content, or a greedy gobbler who can’t help but to chomp and bite along the way.<br><br> Candy Bar Sydney shares your love of lollipops, which is why we sell a great range of bulk lollies online and offer delivery Australia wide. Sweet-toothed lollipop fans have been flocking to Candy Bar Sydney for years, and our range of crazy, lovable, and luxury lollies will not disappoint even the most discerning candy connoisseurs. <br><br> Our teeny tiny Tutti Frutti lollipops are perfect for so many occasions: load them into loot bags, bring them out at the baby shower or arrange them artfully on the candy buffet table at your wedding reception. The new baby boy or girl you’re celebrating deserves a hearty welcome into the world, so share the joy with pink or blue candy in lovely glass candy jars.<br><br> Naturally, lolly preferences differ, and there might be heated discussion around the candy buffet table about which sweet treats are truly the tastiest. If you’d like to defuse the situation, our mixed bags are ideal. If there are tears and harsh words exchanged, soothe souls with Heart Pops, and feel free to buy them in bulk just in case extra consoling is required!<br><br> Candy Bar Sydney is a dream team of lolly lovers selling a great range of bulk lollies online in Australia. We’ll make sure you have more than enough lollipops to go around. When you need to stock loot bags, garnish your wedding bar, arm yourself with children’s birthday party lollies or replenish your own private sugar stash, we’re your go-to supplier!

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