You've heard the song: "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything that's wonderful, that's how I feel when we're together!" We can't guarantee the sunshine, but in a country like this one, you're unlikely to be lacking in Vitamin D any time soon. As for the lollipops and rainbows, we've got a whole category of sweet treats that tick both boxes. Yep, rainbow lollipops. Just in case single-colour lollipops aren't quite cheery enough to float your boat, we've sprinkled them with just about every colour in the prism we could get our hands on. Which is hard, because as you know, chasing rainbows ain't a cup of tea. We hope you appreciate the effort by buying your rainbow lollipops in bulk and shoving them greedily in your mouths, relishing how each and every individual colour leaves its indelible trace on your sugar-coated tongues and in your hearts.