Are you searching for happiness? In this crazy workaday world, it can be hard to find. There's work life balance, maintaining relationships, fitness, wellness, kids... and only so many hours in a day. Sometimes it would be nice to go back in time. Childhood is a wonderful time, isn't it? When you're a kid, everything looks really vibrant, tiny things are endlessly fascinating, and lollies are extra sweet. Speaking of really vibrant, endlessly fascinating and extra sweet things, our swirl lollipops are a great way to transport you back to the carefree days of youth. Just stare at the pretty swirls in vibrant colours like pink, black, orange or Tiffany blue, and let yourself be hypnotised. Go back to the candy shop you frequented when you were eight. Close your eyes, take a bite (or a lick, we won't judge) and dream of your childhood.

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