Let's take a moment to talk about mint. After all, it has a rich and fascinating cultural history. This refreshing herb brought protection against evil to the French and endless happiness to the English on Midsummer's Day. The Romans adorned themselves in mint leaves for banquets and to the Greeks, it meant great hospitality. What a charming and useful herb! Not to mention tasty. Nowadays, mint permeates some of our favourite lollies and candies and remains a popular favourite, thanks to its refreshing qualities. Candy Bar Sydney has Minties, Lifesavers, Tic Tacs, Mentos, Kool Mints and chewing gum, among other mint flavoured delicacies. Oh and let's not forget the chocolate varieties: after dinner mints, Mint Patties, Peppermint Freddo Frogs and Lindt Mint Lindor (try saying that three times!), just to name a few. Christmas is a great time to buy mint flavoured rock candy and candy canes in bulk.

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