All hail these round and glorious balls of fun and frivolity. Breathing is overrated, it's balloons that make the best use of air we can possibly think of. Just look at that fabulous animated film, Up!. Now there's a ballooning expert with a real sense of adventure. Carl Fredricksen tied thousands of balloons to his house and chuckled smugly as it floated into the air. Spectacular! Just like Carl, Candy Bar Sydney encourages you to inflate as many balloons as possible at your wedding, barbecue or birthday. Thousands, if you can! Anyway, you're certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to party balloons. Colour theme your balloons in any hue you desire, anything from teal to blush or even clear. Choose from latex, pearl finish, or classy foil balloons. Numbers, letters, stars and hearts, animals, superheroes, whatever you want from your party balloons, we can make it happen.

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