Oops. Uncle Trev got excited while talking about his local electorate and slopped party punch all over the table. Three year old Savannah got into the cupcakes while no-one was looking and now her face looks like something out of a cream pie eating contest. Grandma drank out of the wrong glass (again!) and left her lipstick all over the rim. Bill from accounting can't get enough of the mini quiches but he's not a graceful eater. And would someone please give that snotty child a napkin? Whatever you've got planned, please, oh please don't forget the napkins when you're shopping for themed party supplies. Candy Bar Sydney has a huge range of colours, patterns and styles. So you can give Uncle Trev a silver lunch napkin, Savannah will love the Shmick purple polka dot ones, Bill will dig the blue stars and Grandma's favourite colour is hunter green.

Large Lip Napkins 16 pack

10.95 10.950000000000001 AUD

Heart Outline Napkins 16 pack

9.95 9.950000000000001 AUD

Small Bunny Napkins 12 pack

10.95 10.950000000000001 AUD