Let me tell you an Arabian tale of a faraway place where a poor young boy called Aladdin found himself knee deep in treasure. Aladdin and his monkey felt like they'd hit the jackpot when that strange old man led them to the cave full of treasures. And once they had seen all those glittering, twinkling pieces, all they wanted to do was shove them in a big sack and take them home. Candy Bar Sydney is pretty confident you'll feel the same way once you've seen one of our glorious glittering gold candy buffets. Everything will seem to shimmer: gold coins, gold foil wrapped chocolates, gold shimmer gumballs and gold-tinged jelly beans. Naturally, you'll want to take it all home with you. That's fine. We've got beautiful complementary gold loot bags, party bags, favours and treat boxes that glitter and shimmer just as much as the candy held within.