Allseps Banana Bulk Lollies 250g
2.95 2.95 2.95 AUD
Banana Lollies are an iconic and fruity favourite. Eating your daily servings of fruit has never been so easy! Deliciously soft and creamy pieces of banana flavoured lollies that melt in your mouth. Banana lollies with as much flavor as a banana plucked right off the tree
Allen's Fantales Lollies Bulk 1kg
14.95 14.95 14.950000000000001 AUD
Allen's Fantales Lollies are a delicious chewy caramel wrapped lolly covered in milk chocolate. Each individually wrapped lolly will not only treat you with a piece of fudge caramel, but also a slice of entertaining trivia! Pick a wrapper and test your family and friends with the celebrity trivia. Which famous celebrity will you guess next? Will it be Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, or Tina Turner?
Colour: Yellow
Flavour: Caramel & Milk Chocolate
Size: 1kg
Fanta Lemon 330ml
2.50 2.50 2.5 AUD
Yellow Banana Rock Candy
17.95 17.95 17.95 AUD
Colour: Yellow and White
Flavour: Banana and Cream
Weight: 1kg
Quantity: Approximately 400 Yellow Banana Rock Candies
Please note that all rock candy is all hand made. The style dispatched is selected at random as it is what is available and supplied to us at the time.
Eclipse Chewy Mango Mints 27g
32.95 32.95 32.95 AUD
Eclipse Chewy Mango Mints 27g
Weight: 27g
Quantity: 27 Mints
Aussie Drops Eucalyptus 70g
1.17 1.95 1.17 AUD
Best Before Date: NOV 2021
Reese's Peanut Butter 510g
10.95 10.95 10.950000000000001 AUD
It’s like we scooped out a bunch of REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups and filled jars with that delicious peanut butter so you can make sandwiches and stuff. Use it on PB&J, spoon it into your favourite dessert recipe or enjoy a spoonful straight from the jar.
Flavour: Creamy Peanut Butter
Size: 510g
Allseps Honey Bears Bulk Lollies 1kg
7.95 7.95 7.95 AUD
Everyone's favourite grizzly creature in a delicious honey flavour. These bulk gummi bear lollies are as good as a generous dollop of honey on toast for breakfast - only a bit sweeter.
Pineapple Bulk Lollies 1kg
6.95 6.95 6.95 AUD
You’ll feel as if you’ve just arrived in the tropics. It won’t be hard to imagine the cool, ocean breeze blowing through your hair as you bite into these tasty pineapple lollies. Send your taste buds to paradise when you nibble on a few of these deliciously sweet Pineapples.
Yellow Mini Swirl Lollipops 24 pack (288g)
7.95 7.95 7.95 AUD
A delicious and fruity yellow and white lollipop, perfect for a treat or cake decorating. They are Kathryn's favourite!!
Colour: Yellow
Flavour: Pineapple
Size: 288g (24 x 12g)
Dimensions: 14cm, 4.5cm diameter
Please note these are a bulk lollipop. While care is taken when they're packaged, some breakages may occur.
Yellow Jimmies Cake Sprinkles
4.95 4.95 4.95 AUD
Famous Jimmies Cake Sprinkles, perfect for any range of desserts, most especially ice creams, cupcakes and even donuts!
Cake Sprinkles comes in an 80g resealable pouch.
Yellow Nonpareils Cake Sprinkles
4.95 4.95 4.95 AUD
These nonpareils, or 100s and 1000s, are a perfect addition for your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and much more!

Available in 200g Bag, 1kg Bag and 20Kg Bag.
Kingsway Fried Egg Lollies 500g - 3kg
7.98 7.98 7.98 AUD
Fried Egg Lollies - Kingsway
Colour: White and Orange
Weight: Available in 500g and 3kg bags
Made in the UK
M&M's Peanut 46g
1.95 1.95 1.95 AUD
M&M's Peanut 46g
Size: 46gDimensions:Colour: Yellow
Pineapple Fanta 355ml
2.50 2.50 2.5 AUD
Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Colour
4.95 4.95 4.95 AUD
Wilton color is made to produce deeper, richer color by adding just a small amount. Our concentrated gel formula helps you achieve the exact shade you want without watering down your icing. You'll find a rainbow of colors, ready to blend together for creating your own custom shades.Certified Kosher.
Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Bulk Pack
28.95 28.95 28.95 AUD
Fruity flavoured chewing gum
Bulk pack of 30 packets
Wrigley's PK Bulk Pack
26.95 26.95 26.95 AUD
Peppermint flavoured gum
Bulk box of 30 packets
10 pellets in each pack
Yellow Bakels Pettinice Fondant Icing 750g
9.95 9.95 9.950000000000001 AUD
Bakels Yellow Pettinice Icing
Ready to roll fondant
Weight: 750g
Also available in a bulk pack of 6 x 750g 
Vegan Friendly
Yellow Candy Chew Lollies
9.95 9.95 9.950000000000001 AUD
Do you love skittles? Then you might love Sweetworld's Candy Chews even more! Lemon flavoured skittle like lolly.
Colour: Yellow
Flavour: Lemon
Size: 1kg
Yellow Soft Jubes 1kg - 10kg
6.95 6.95 6.95 AUD
Flavour: Pineapple

Size:1kg Bag - 10kg Bag
Quantity: Approximately 125 pieces in a 1Kg Bag.
Dimensions: 10mm x 20mm
Yellow Sugar Almonds Bulk 1kg - 6kg
19.95 19.95 19.95 AUD
Yellow Sugar Almonds Bulk
Weight: 1kg or 6kg bulk box
Approximately 170 sugar almonds per kilo
Colour: Yellow
Approximate dimensions: 2.5cm x 1.5cm
Made in Australia
Allen's Candy Banana Lollies
11.95 11.95 11.950000000000001 AUD
Banana Shaped Small Candies With As Much Flavor as a banana plucked right off the tree
Colour: Yellow
Flavour: Banana
Weight: 1kg
Allen's Pineapple Lollies 1.3kg
12.95 12.95 12.950000000000001 AUD
Allen's Pineapple Lollies are bite-sized pineapple gummies, Send your taste buds to paradise when you nibble on a few of Allen’s deliciously sweet Pineapples.
Colour: Yellow and Green
Flavours: Pineapple
Size: 1.3kg
Cadbury Caramello Koala 15g
0.65 0.65 0.65 AUD
A quintessential Aussie treat, Caramello Koalas belong in lolly bags and on party tables across the country.
Flavour: Cadbury Milk Chocolate and ooey gooey caramel
Weight: 15g
Cadbury Giant Caramello Koala 35g
1.05 1.05 1.05 AUD
Munch your way through this Aussie classic - now large and in charge; the Giant Caramello Koala.
Flavour: Cadbury Milk Chocolate with caramel
Colour: Brown
Weight: 35g
Caramel Buds
7.95 7.95 7.95 AUD
Grab a pack of caramel buds, turn up the volume, and make a night of it.
Flavour: Caramel chocolate
Colour: Yellow
Weight: 1kg - 8kg