Light Pink Chocolate Beans 500g - 12kg

Strawberry candy and chocolate awesomeness, together at last.
Made from compound chocolate.

Dimensions: 1.3 cm Diameter
Weight: 500g - 12kg
Quantity: Approximately 520 Light Pink Chocolate Beans per 500g

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Candy Bar Sydney

Candy Bar Sydney is a fantastic crew that works tirelessly to ensure that your events are a success. Candy Bar Sydney is all about throwing a wild party!

Light Pink Chocolate Beans 500g

Remember when mum and dad took you out for ice-cream on a really hot summer's day? The sun beat down on the pavement, the asphalt steamed and shimmered, and if you were lucky enough to be near the water, perhaps a light breeze permeated the stifling heat. Nothing looked more inviting than the gleaming glass counters of the ice-cream shop. It seemed like thousands of flavours were waiting to be tried. And yet, there were only two flavours that you ever really wanted. Chocolate and strawberry. Only two flavours offered you the security of consistent deliciousness - there was never any risk of choosing a dud flavour. Candy Bar Sydney recognizes the classic appeal of chocolate and strawberry. That's why we stock the Light Pink Chocolate Beans. Delicious chocolate coated in an irresistible strawberry flavoured candy shell. Chocolate and strawberry, together at last.


Size 500g Bag or Bulk Box 12kg
Colour Pink
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Event / Occasion Christening
Flavour Chocolate
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia