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Cadbury Chocolate

Established in 1824 in Birmingham, Cadbury is now the second largest confectionery company in the world, and the British-born brand is particularly popular in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Candy Bar Sydney loves the classic Cadbury milk chocolate foil wrapped hearts, freddo frogs and Cadbury roses and we stock these romantic Cadbury treasures with sentimental glee. Look out for colours like aqua, ice blue, lilac, fuscia, gold, and silver on our Sydney candy store shelves. Cadbury foil wrapped chocolate hearts are the perfect addition to your lolly bags, a lovely gesture, a thoughtful gift, and great for adorning the fabulous cupcake creations and other treasures on your dessert table.

Flavour: Milk
Colour: White
Weight: 1kg

The milk man is here. Only this time he has replaced his old, boring bottles with these irresistibly delicious treats. Milk bottle delivery may be before your time or maybe you remember it as a kid. But we are bringing it back. Only we have improved it. You don’t need a milk man. All you need is one of bags of Milk Bottles, sweet taste straight to your mouth. The older folks at your party will remember when. While the kids ask, “Milk was delivered in a glass jar?” Step back in time and satisfy your sweet tooth. Order these classic lollies today!

Specifications for Milk Bottles - Cadbury Fresha

Size 500g or 10kg Box
Colour White
Brand Cadbury Chocolate
Event / Occasion Wedding
Flavour Milk
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia

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