Orange Blossom Persian Fairy Floss - Pariya Pashmak 200g x 16

Delicately spun, the exotic Orange Blossom Persian Fairy Floss by Pariva captures hearts around the world.
Flavour: Orange Blossom
Colour: Light orange
Weight: 200g

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Long Lasting

Persian Fairy Floss will last longer than regular fairy floss after being opened, making it great for decorating

Cafe Owner?

Are you a cafe owner or pastry chef? We can cater to any order, with our bulk options providing you with the best possible price,

Cake Decorating

Use Orange Blossom Persian Fairy Floss on your cakes and desserts. It's strand-like texture makes it easy to use and handle.

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Blossoming Flavours


Experience the flavours that captivated the meanest king of all at the Candy Bar Sydney with our exclusive Orange Blossom Persian Fairy Floss by Pariya.

Beautifully packaged, each strand of the Orange Blossom Fairy Floss is cashmere-soft, and expertly spun with sugar and sesame,

Scheherezade was beautiful and cunning. Bound for one night to the evil king, counting every minute before her impending doom, she managed to use her gift of the gab to save herself from an otherwise certain death. The king was swayed by the silky stories that unfolded from her mouth like strands of cashmere, captivating and scintillating as they flowed in rivets of orange blossom from her perfect mouth. Once he’d tasted the vivid tales that she weaved, he couldn’t get enough. He drank in her first story with its delicate dustings of orange blossom and imagination, and he knew he wanted a thousand more.

Regular fairy floss, while delicious and sweet, is normally used as your everyday treat. Persian Fairy Floss is mainly used for cake decorating and on top of other desserts. If you're after a delicious garnish for any of your desserts, from cupcakes to cocktails, then you've come to the right place.

Unlike regular fairy floss, Persian Fairy Floss is much more durable after it has been opened. Designed to be used on top of desserts, it will not shrivel as quickly as regular fairy floss. However we do recommend using the Pashmak within a few days of opening the package.

How Do I Use it?

Persian Fairy Floss is incredibly easy to use. With each packet resembling strands of fairy floss, it is easy to pull apart without damaging the product. Use the fairy floss to place small strands on top of cupcakes, large nests over your cake or just a touch of flavour on your cocktails. 


Colour Orange
Brand Pariya Food
Dietary Needs Preservative Free
Country of Origin Australia
Size 16 Bags

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