Piglets 170g - Chunky Funkeez

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Chunky Funkeez

You'll find blue lollies (Chunky Blueberry Clouds, for example, or Bubblegum Clouds), pink lollies (Chunky Strawberry Clouds, and the delicious squishy piglets), purple lollies (Grape Clouds), orange lollies, and everything in between! The Chunky Cola Bottles are a favourite, known for their high-intensity cola explosive qualities. Don't forget the Chunky Funkeez Sour Ears - not for the faint hearted. The squishy, chunky qualities of Chunky Funkeez sweets are not to be outdone by any other confectionery company, and gluten free candy addicts will keep coming back for more. Chunky Funkeez has surely won the hearts of sweet teeth around the country, above all, here at Candy Bar Sydney.

Specifications for Piglets 170g - Chunky Funkeez

Size 1 Unit or Bulk Box 12 Units

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