Allen's Killer Pythons 1kg

The only killer thing about Allen's Pythons is how addictive they are.
Flavour: Mixed
Colour: Mixed
Weight: 1kg

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You could tie them together and make one gigantic python. You could tie them together and make them into a big ball. You can name them. You can sing to them. You can hide them in your little brother’s bed, wear them in your hair, use them as fish bait, tape them to your face and make a fake moustache or a uni-brow! Oh, the list of things you can do with Allen’s Killer Pythons that you can’t do with real pythons is endless. But the best thing to do is to put them on your candybuffetPythons. But most people just eat them.

Specifications for Allen's Killer Pythons 1kg

Brand Allens Lollies - Australian lollies
Colour Multi Coloured
Flavour Mixed
Country of Origin Australia
Size 1kg Bag