Blue Heart Marshmallows 1kg

Break the boring pink stereotype and declare your love instead with blue-tinged heart-shaped marshmallows.
Colour: Blue
Quantity: Approximately 290 heart marshmallows
Weight: 1kg
Individual dimensions: 4cm x 3cm

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Why does love always have to be expressed in such predictable shades of red and pink? Is it possible to shout it from the hilltops in other, more harmonious hues like silver or blue? Yes, my friends, it is. Candy Bar Sydney recognized the stereotype and did our best to address the problem at our lolly warehouse. Love is not just pastel pink or crimson red, oh no. Love also comes in shades of copper, cobalt blue, lilac, gold and emerald. And most recently, love is baby blue.

These pale blue heart marshmallows carry just as much sentiment as their pink-toned counterparts, perhaps more. They're refreshing, spirited, and completely fresh. It's a new type of love. Spread the word by cramming these beautiful declarations into lolly bags or glass candy jars. If you wish to express your feelings in a different tone, they also come in green and yellow.

Specifications for Blue Heart Marshmallows 1kg

Brand Sydney Lolly Shop
Colour Blue
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Flavour Marshmallow
Religious Halal
Size 1kg Bag