Blue Raspberry Radical Storms 1.4kg

You’ll love when it storms blue raspberries, as long as it’s in candy form, of course.
Flavour: Raspberry
Colour: Blue
Weight: 1.4kg
Quantity: Approximately 300 Blue Raspberry Radical Storms per tub
Gluten Free

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Check the weather report because we heard that the forecast is a storm of epic proportions with a chance of blue raspberries! Don’t run for shelter and forget that pink umbrella because this radical storm will be happening on your tongue. The flavour of Blue Raspberry Radical Storms is nothing like the berries you used to bring to your family picnic. These juicy, bright blue candies have all the power of a first grade candy storm that will have your tongue begging for relief. Don’t settle for regular candy and demand the powerful taste vortex that the Blue Raspberry Radical Storms will bring to your day. Plus it’s a lot more fun than a regular storm! Inclement weather has never tasted so good or been so exciting. These blue lollies are gluten-free too, so you can enjoy them freely. Totally radical!

Specifications for Blue Raspberry Radical Storms 1.4kg

Brand Radical Storms
Colour Blue
Event / Occasion Christening
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Flavour Raspberry
Country of Origin Spain
Size 1 Tub