Blueberry Clouds 1.45kg Tub - Chunky Funkeez

Dream a blueberry-flavoured summer dream with these juicy, chewy lollies
Colour: Blue
Flavour: Blueberry
Weight: 1.45kg
Quantity: Approximately 300 Blueberry Clouds

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Ahhhh—it’s a gorgeous summer day and you’re stretched out on your favourite picnic blanket. You’re staring up at an azure blue idly float by. The trees, laden with new green leaves, rustle slightly in the light breeze. You’ve got your favourite paperback at your side and maybe even your best mates or sweetheart. A picnic has been packed and you’ve cleared your schedule—you have nothing to do but enjoy this laziest of lazy days. Now all you need is the summeriest, funnest lolly to complete the scene. Chunky Blueberry Clouds 1.65kgTub by Chunky Funkeez is just what summer lolling is all about, but in a delish juicy lolly are bursting with fresh blueberry flavour. Plus they come in a convenient tub that will keep these blueberry clouds fresh and ready for snacking. Now all you need is to take a ‘sick day’ and go capture that summer fun for yourself.

Specifications for Blueberry Clouds 1.45kg Tub - Chunky Funkeez

Colour Blue
Event / Occasion Christening
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Flavour Blueberry
Country of Origin Spain
Size 1 Tub , Bulk Box 6 Tubs