Cadbury Freddo Frog 12g

A Cadbury Freddo isn't just a cute and delicious treat, it's a piece of history.
Flavour: Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Weight: 12g

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A clever fellow called Harry Melbourne was the genius behind the original Freddo Frog, manufactured by MacRobertson's in 1930. There was talk of introducing a new character into the children's confectionery range, and initial ideas for a mouse were rejected by Melbourne, who recognized that many people are scared of mice. He deemed the friendly frog a much more appealing choice. He was onto a good thing! Cadbury took over bulk production of the popular amphibian shaped lollies in 1967 when it bought out MacRobertson. Little Freddo has certainly enjoyed a busy career in the confectionery industry ever since, hopping from country to country and trying on a variety of new flavours. Sure, there are strawberry, peppermint, raspberry, white chocolate, and even popping candy Freddos, but nothing beats the original - the classic, solid chocolate frog we know and love. A party without a Freddo Frog is like a tadpole without a tail.

Specifications for Cadbury Freddo Frog 12g

Brand Cadbury Chocolate
Colour Blue
Flavour Chocolate
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia
Size 12g Freddo Frog