Callebaut 100% Hazelnut Paste 5kg

Callebaut's 100% Hazelnut paste contains nothing but the finest European hazelnuts, hand picked to create a product that exceeds all expectations. The hazelnuts are picked, shelled and roasted under immaculate conditions to ensure the best quality flavours, whilst also preserving all essential oils, giving the paste a smooth and exuberant taste.
A lovely hazelnut flavour coupled with a rich golden colour, the Hazelnut paste is a perfect combination with a variety of flavours, especially chocolate. A great base to be used in ice creams, pralines, and ganache, the paste is unrivalled in creating a rich nutty flavour.

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Specifications for Callebaut 100% Hazelnut Paste 5kg

Brand Callebaut Chocolate
Colour Brown
Flavour Hazelnut
Size 5kg