Callebaut Gold Caramel Callets

A silky smooth Caramel chocolate by Callebaut, this expertly crafted couverture is one of our finest flavours. Each callet is approximately 1cm in diamater, but are packed with an intense buttery flavour, Its caramel notes are ideal for toffees, pralines and a wide array of treats.

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Delicious Caramel

Callebaut Gold is enriched with a lovely caramel flavour, matched with a hint of toffee and butter

Creating Desserts

Add a dash of caramel to your ganaches, pralines, mousse and cakes with Callebaut Gold's fluid texture

Belgian Chocolate

One of the world's finest chocolates made in Belgian. A delicious chocolate experience.


Simply put, Callebaut Gold is as delicious as caramel can be. Belgian Chocolate without the fuss, these tiny callets are packed with a rich flavour that will turn any dessert into something even more special.

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Specifications for Callebaut Gold Caramel Callets

Brand Callebaut Chocolate
Colour Gold
Flavour Caramel
Chocolate Type White Chocolate
Size 500g , 2.5kg