Small Flared Plastic Candy Jar

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Medium Flared Plastic Candy Jar
This greedy flared plastic candy jar demands to be filled with premium sweet treats.
Colour: Clear
Made From: Plastic
Height: 15cm
Width: 14.5cm

Don't be buying this grand and flamboyant flared plastic candy jar if you're not absolutely committed to stuffing it full of bulk lollies from Candy Bar Sydney. The jar is greedy and very demanding. You can't help but to be a bit shocked by the way it overtly gapes at you with a flared mouth, demanding to be fed. You can't just do things in halves, either. Such a striking candy jar deserves to be full, anything else just looks ridiculous. So the only question you really have to answer is.. what to fill it with? Luckily, Candy Bar Sydney has a massive collection of sweet treats available online in every shape and colour imaginable. You could stuff it with marshmallows, or pop several packets of brightly coloured M&Ms in there. This candy jar loves a good mix of rainbow lollies, so tempt it with mixed Fizzoes, sherbet bombs, or mini choc buttons.

Specifications for Small Flared Plastic Candy Jar

Size Bulk 18 Jars or 1 Jar
Colour Clear
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Made From Plastic

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