Strawberries and Cream - Cadbury Fresha

A cheeky splash of vivid red strawberry atop a sea of gooey cream.
Colour: Red and white
Flavour: Strawberries and cream
Weight: 1kg

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Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate is the world’s second largest confectionery company and they’re famous for Dairy Milk Chocolate and a wide variety of other sweets.

Strawberries and cream is always the favourite - the coveted sweet that everyone secretly takes two of when presented with the lolly bag. So what makes this classic sweet so extraordinarily popular? Candy Bar Sydney loves the crimson fruit tang perched so adorably upon a bed of squishy, gooey cream: two elements coexisting in perfect harmony. We like to think that of all the gifts that the candy Gods have given us, the strawberries and cream is by far the most timeless. We don't think our loyal Aussie customers will ever stop loving strawberries and cream. Let the candy fads come and go, let the sherbet bombs explode and dissipate, let the luscious lollipops get slowly sucked into the vortex of non-existence. The strawberries and cream will always be there, will always be adored, will always be eaten with fervent delight.


Size 700g or Bulk 10kg Box
Colour Red
Brand Cadbury Chocolate
Event / Occasion Valentines Day, Christmas
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia