Strawberry Clouds 1.45kg Tub - Chunky Funkeez

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Chunky Funkeez

You'll find blue lollies (Chunky Blueberry Clouds, for example, or Bubblegum Clouds), pink lollies (Chunky Strawberry Clouds, and the delicious squishy piglets), purple lollies (Grape Clouds), orange lollies, and everything in between! The Chunky Cola Bottles are a favourite, known for their high-intensity cola explosive qualities. Don't forget the Chunky Funkeez Sour Ears - not for the faint hearted. The squishy, chunky qualities of Chunky Funkeez sweets are not to be outdone by any other confectionery company, and gluten free candy addicts will keep coming back for more. Chunky Funkeez has surely won the hearts of sweet teeth around the country, above all, here at Candy Bar Sydney.

How many Chunky Strawberry Clouds can you fit in your mouth at once?
Colour: Red
Flavour: Strawberry
Weight: 1.65kg
Quantity: Approximately 300 Strawberry Clouds

If you were lucky enough to visit a strawberry field in your youth, you know how it goes. A nice big basket, a beautiful sunny day. Let loose in the strawberry fields, you seek to gather as many strawberries as possible, delighting in their bright red hue and staining your fingers, your clothes, and most of your face with sweet strawberrystrawberry pickers that a competition is necessary, and you proceed to shove as many strawberries into your mouth as possible, until, exhausted, you fall into a heap on the grass. OK, so not everyone has access to a strawberry field and a cute straw basket. But head to Candy Bar Sydney and pluck a 1.65kg tub of Chunky Strawberry Clouds by Chunky Funkeezstrawberry taste sensation but without the mess afterwards.

Specifications for Strawberry Clouds 1.45kg Tub - Chunky Funkeez

Size 1 Tub or Bulk Box 6 Tubs
Colour Red
Brand Chunky Funkeez
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Strawberry
Country of Origin Spain

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