Trolli Mini Burger Lollies 90g

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A German company, Trolli has been making gummy lollies, marshmallows, and all sorts of licorice since 1975, and now exports to more than 80 countries around the world. Candy Bar Sydney loves Trolli confectionery for its crazy colours, wild and unusual designs, and flavour bursts. We also love the cute company logo, a mythical forest troll that enchants children. At Candy Bar Sydney, expect to see our shelves bursting with Trolli lollies, and expect them to be a little unconventional. We love the sour cola bottles, watermelon slices, fried eggs, flat feet, mini burgers, and colourful penguins. We find the sour peach rings, sour gecko lizards, groovy mix, fangs, dracula teeth, bones, and horror mix equally intriguing. Trolli lollies are certainly out of the ordinary!

Our favourite BBQ treat, now in a fun and addictive gummy.
Flavour: Mixed fruit
Colour: Orange, yellow, black, red
Weight: 90g
Quantity: 12 Mini Burgers in a bag

Confession time: we can’t resist a good old-fashioned burger. There’s just something about the combination of sizzling meat (or soya patty!), crisp veggies, melting cheese, and tangy sauce, all sandwiched into a fluffy bun. If you think about it, they contain all of the major food groups in one neat package. Does that mean they qualify as health food? Well, a girl can dream. What we are sure of is that burgersMini Burger Lollies by Trolli put all the fun of our fave BBQ treat in a layered gummy that you can pull apart and stack as you please. Each fruit-flavoured burger comes in its own package for maximum freshness too. Whether you hand them out at a barbeque or a little one’s birthday, we guarantee both kids and adults will love these fun lollies.

Specifications for Trolli Mini Burger Lollies 90g

Size 90g Bag or Bulk Box 12 Bags
Colour Multi Coloured
Brand Trolli Lollies Bulk
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Flavour Mixed

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