White Grease Proof Paper 20pk

As with the rest of this beautiful collection, these paper sheets mix and match perfectly together. These coloured grease proof papers are used to create colour and interest in 'The Paper Party Collection' Lunch trays.

Foods wrapped in grease proof paper maintain their flavor, aroma, and appearance as the paper allows them to breathe. These elegant and functional grease proof paper are versatile & sturdy.

They are professional quality, strong, vibrant, reliable & RECYCLABLE!

Pack size: Pack of 20
Cone size: 19cm x 29.5cm
Colour: White

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Five Star Party Co.

The Five Star Party Co. provides high-quality, on-trend, and entertaining party supplies at an affordable price to help everyone spice up their next party.


Size Carton (5 Pack) or 20 Pack
Colour White
Brand Five Star Party Co.