Skittles Wholesale Australia

Tiny, brightly coloured and insanely fruity, Skittles practically need no introduction. These crispy, zingy, chewy candies are well-known worldwide, thanks to the zany advertising measures and complete uniqueness on the candy market. They might be small, but what they lack in size they make up for with a colour so bright it’ll blind you and a particularly concentrated flavour intensity. With Skittles, it’s all about rainbows and joy, holidays and unicorns. It’s no wonder they are so coveted across the universe: Skittles represent all the beautiful things that appear in our most vivid childhood fantasies.

Taste the Rainbow” – that’s what Skittles are urging you to do every day. Skittle rainbow distribution can be achieved by tossing or scattering as many Skittles as you possibly can and delighting in where they land on the colour spectrum. But if rainbow chaos is not your thing, that’s OK too – Skittles can be separated and colour-coordinated purely or mixed into a fabulous custom fruit concoction. On Australia Day, for example, pick out the green and yellow Skittles and theme things lemon-lime. Or try mashing strawberry and grape Skittles together for a rich and sweet fruit flavour sensation.

Wrigley is the wholesale confectionery distributer behind the Skittles brand – a veritable candy superpower that operates in 40 countries and distributes to over 180 of them! Here is a mega-wholesaler who really knows what they’re doing.

Luckily, Candy Bar Sydney has a strong working relationship with Wrigley Australia. Our collaboration with the acclaimed wholesaler means that you can stuff Skittles onto your shelves and into your displays in all their colourful beauty as frequently as you desire. Talk to Candy Bar Sydney about fast and flexible distribution of Skittles and other Wrigley products at unbeatable prices.