Snickers Bars Australia

Did you know that the world’s best-selling chocolate bar was named after the Mars family’s favourite horse? Mars now distributes millions of Snickers bars around the world each and every day. Now who would have thought that millions of people around the world would still be paying tribute to that beloved horse with every bite into a Snickers bar, almost one whole century later? Candy Bar Sydney can only hope that Snickers wasn’t being fed peanuts back in the day.

Whatever inspired the Mars family to name their chocolate bar after their pet horse, we’re glad they did. And we’re equally glad that they took that winning combination of fluffy nougat, caramel and chocolate that made the Mars bar such a wild success and added an extra layer of texture, one that incites blissful sighs across the globe by all who consume it. Peanuts. Humans know no greater bliss than the even distribution of chocolate, nougat, caramel and peanuts. (Please, don’t feed peanuts to your horses).

There are so many ways to enjoy a Snickers. Fish and chips shops love to deep-fry them. Ice cream shops buy wholesale quantities of them, then smoosh Snickers bars lovingly into their ice cream assortments on a daily basis. You can top your caramel tarts with them, melt them into your desserts or whip up a Snickers apple salad. Yes, you heard correctly. There’s a salad.

Candy Bar Sydney has a direct working relationship with Mars Australia, the mega confectionery wholesaler responsible for Australian distribution of Snickers bars. Our relationship with Mars Australia ensures our customers can get Snickers in wholesale quantities distributed at low prices. It just makes sense to stock the world’s best-selling candy bar, so talk to Candy Bar Sydney about Snickers and Mars wholesale distribution and keep your customers well supplied.