Sour Patch Kids Wholesale

These little guys seem friendly enough, but they’re mighty deceiving. At the first point of contact with your tongue, their sourness hits you with a truly unexpected force that sometimes feels like a punch in the gut or an extra colourful paintball assault. It can leave you feeling exposed and shocked. But then before you know it, the sour fades, they’re all sweet and lovely, and everything’s fine. You forget the initial punch and concentrate on the good times. You relax and begin to feel secure again. And then they’re gone. “Sour. Sweet. Gone.”

OK, so it all starts to sound a bit like a dysfunctional relationship pattern, but the good thing about Sour Patch Kids is that you can just keep coming back again and again for more of the same.… just like a dysfunctional relationship pattern.

Despite their sadistic onset, Sour Patch Kids are hugely popular around the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where they’ve become the iconic treat to take in with you to the movies. Sweet and sour treasures distributed by the confectionery wholesaler Sour Patch Kids include the “classic” Kids, Sour Patch Berries, Sour Patch Kids Extreme, Sour Patch Kids Popsicle and the exceptionally quirky Sour Patch Lineups.

If you love nothing better than a tumultuous two-dimensional candy experience and you must have it in bulk, you’ll be pleased to know that Candy Bar Sydney works directly with the confectionery wholesaler Sour Patch Kids. This means we can help you get your fix at super low prices. Which means you can keep going back for more, and we’re happy to feed your dysfunctional relationship pattern with Sour Patch Kids for as long as you like.