Starburst Lollies Australia

Australia had never experienced such a juicy candy sensation before Starburst came on the lolly scene in the mid 1990’s. All of a sudden, we had soft, chewy square-shaped awesome-coloured individually wrapped sweet treats that were practically oozing with fresh and vivid fruit flavour. Aussie kids in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond couldn’t stop chowing down on Starburst lollies, and well, nothing’s changed even today.

Starburst Fruit Chews were the first Starburst innovation to take the lolly scene by storm in Oz. Three incredible fruity flavours rocked our little candy-coloured worlds: vibrant lemon, lush strawberry and fresh orange. Starburst jelly lollies in all manner of shapes and sizes followed suit soon afterwards and the gummy jelly recipe proved itself a winner: it is the foundation of the Starburst Snakes, Party Mix, Animal Friends and Babies that you can still buy in bulk today. After that, the inventive Starburst Sucks proved not just your average lollipops and Starburst Squirts took the “flavour burst” to a whole new level.

Wrigley is the brains behind the distribution of this wholesale confectionery sensation. Candy Bar Sydney has a direct working relationship with Wrigley and Starburst. We particularly like associating with the brand because Starburst has done some really admirable work over the years: introducing lollies with less sugar and partnering with Camp Quality to raise cancer awareness, for example. Our collaboration with Wrigley means that we can distribute Starburst products at unbeatable prices. If your shelves and displays are longing for a much-needed Starburst product shower, get in touch with Candy Bar Sydney.