'Sweetest Price' Our Lowest Price Guarantee

Candy Bar Sydney believes that there is nothing sweeter than a unbeatable bargain in the world of bulk lollies online. We’re super proud of our high quality, enormous selection of candy and themed party supplies, and we find it very satisfying to be able to keep our prices low. It’s a bit like a competition – should we ever see another candy and party decoration supplier listing prices lower than ours for identical products, well, we just want to show them who’s boss!

But with so many vast quantities of delicious sweet treats coming in and out all the time, there are orders to be filled and multi-coloured gumballs that need sampling. Sometimes, we simply don’t have enough time to make sure our mini marshmallows are constantly cheaper than those of our competitors. We have a better idea – our Sweetest Price Guarantee. After all, our customers know candy inside out. They live for lollies and they pine for party decorations. They’re smart consumers too, always researching online to find the best deals possible.

So here’s the Sweetest Price Guarantee: if you find a product that you can get delivered to your door for a cheaper price than what our Sydney lolly warehouse is offering, we’ll match it. It doesn’t matter if the retailer is an online store or a local retail outlet offering in-person pickup – if you can get an identical product in your hot little hands for less than what we offer, we want to know about it, and then we want to beat that price down into a gooey, sugary pulp!

Let’s take an example: you’re planning an outrageously colourful birthday celebration for someone special in Melbourne, and she absolutely MUST have a bulk delivery of hundreds of bright pink party balloons. Well, a savvy consumer would look around, peruse online shops, see what local retailers are offering. You notice that Crazy Pete’s Sweets Emporium Online is offering packs of the balloons at a price five cents cheaper than Candy Bar Sydney. Sure, delivery is slightly more expensive at Crazy Pete’s Sweets Emporium Online, but since there are so many balloons to be ordered, the total cost including delivery still works out a few dollars cheaper at Crazy Pete’s. Let the Sweetest Price Guarantee at Candy Bar Sydney now work its magic! We will reduce the price of your bright pink balloons so you’re no longer out of pocket after delivery, and then you can peruse our gigantic selection of bright pink and magenta coloured lollies with glee as you craftily plan how to decorate your tables on the day of the party. Let us know if you need any ideas!