Tabasco Sauce Wholesale

We’ve all got a bottle or two of Tabasco sauce floating around the kitchen – it’s a staple! A finely grilled piece of meat, some scrambled eggs, a piquant soup – all of the above and plenty more can be spiced up with a dash of chili. That explains why confectionery wholesaler Stuart Alexander can now sell more than three million bottles of Tabasco sauce in Australia per year.

The McIlhenny Company is a family-run company from Louisiana, and they’re the brains behind the brand Tabasco. The Tabasco recipe hasn’t changed in years. There are only three ingredients –handpicked chili peppers (matured for several years in white oak barrels), vinegar and salt. That’s it. Oh, did we mention the pedigree of the peppers? Every seed is a direct descendant of the original plant cared for in the mid-nineteenth century by Edmund McIlhenny himself. Speechless.

That’s all incredibly fascinating, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s a lot you still don’t know about Tabasco. The Original red sauce, the one that graces just about every table in the country, is a classic but there are six other fabulous flavours. And things are getting even more interesting over at Tabasco headquarters – the company is playing around with other products and they’re selling like hotcakes. Books, gift sets, salsas, home wares, Tabasco seasoned snacks. One of our personal favourites is the wholesale chocolate coming from Tabasco – terrific dark chocolate with a unique pepper kick.

If you’re looking for a way to get bulk quantities of Tabasco products into your store or at your event, have a chat to Candy Bar Sydney. We now work directly with the confectionery wholesaler, Stuart Alexander, and can distribute Tabasco products at sensationally small prices.