The Natural Confectionery Company Wholesale

Candy Bar Sydney works with a huge number of confectionery wholesalers from Australia and beyond to bring you quality bulk lollies at cheap prices. Of all our valued chocolate and confectionery wholesalers, there’s none we admire quite as much as Mondelez for its delicious all-natural confectionery and innovative “mindful snacking” policy. The Natural Confectionery Company is a true blue Aussie-grown brand that took the confectionery world by storm and never looked back. Inspired by all-natural confectionery trends emerging from Europe, the brains behind the Melbourne candy manufacturer developed a recipe for gummy lollies containing no artificial colours or flavours. It was this concept that prompted a rise to excellence for the Natural Confectionery Company in the nineties. The world caught on and got excited about the natural flavours and colours in lollies (not to mention the adorable candy characters!) and demand exploded.

When you think of the Natural Confectionery Company, it’s hard to get those bright and playful lolly bags filled with quirky chewy lollies out of your head. The brand is now part of Mondelez – a mega candy manufacturer among many lolly and chocolate wholesalers that just seems to get everything right. The cheerful packaging, the adorable advertisements, but above all, the qualitative gummy candy itself: still just as simple as always, nothing artificial, completely gluten free. Just pure, unadultered deliciousness.

Which Natural Confectionery Company lollies do you hold dearest to your heart? The brand is particularly well-known for its funny and fabulous Jelly Snakes, its quirky Dinosaurs – a favourite among the kids – as well as its succulent Sour Squirms and the juiciest, gummiest, most crazy and colourful Fruity Chews to ever grace the shelves of our Sydney lolly warehouse. We’re thrilled to be able to work directly with Mondelez to bring our candy-lovin’ customers the delectable lollies they know and love at fabulously low prices.