Twix Chocolate Australia

Cup of tea and a bikkie? Yes please. The mega wholesale confectionery distribution Gods at Mars are clearly in tune with our fine nation’s priorities, because they created the perfect choccy covered, caramel-filled biscuit to accompany a good cup of tea. Twix is short for “twin biscuits”, or “bix” if you will.

You can only marvel at the brilliant simplicity of Twix: an oven-baked biscuit that’s just the right size, an even distribution of soft chewy caramel and a hearty coating of the Mars milk chocolate you know and love. There’s more to a Twix though than a satisfying tea break: you can sprinkle liberally over the top of a caramel cheesecake. You can crush them and mix with your favourite ice cream flavour for a delightful texture extra. Or you can break them up into little Twixy pieces and pop them in a bowl of salted buttered popcorn – salted caramel popcorn like you’ve never experienced it before.

Over the years, Mars also experimented with different flavour fillings like choc orange, triple chocolate and peanut butter, but really, the original is always the best. This shiny gold-wrapped chocolate coated wafer sensation is made and distributed lovingly for your dipping and chomping pleasure (or just for chomping if you simply can’t wait until the tea is ready).

Twix is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in 2017, and what better way to appreciate this simple and brilliant sweet snack for what is is than purchasing wholesale quantities. That’s where Candy Bar Sydney steps in. We’re working directly with Mars Australia, the wholesale distributor responsible for Twix distribution in Australia. Our fabulous working relationship with Mars Australia means that we can get you terrific distribution deals at surprisingly low prices for Twix and a whole range of other Mars products.